About me

I’m Chris, a 37 year old from Kent. I am a fully qualified plumber by trade and have worked in many different area’s of the plumbing industry. I have been a plumber for 15+ years in total. From new build site work, through to general plumbing maintenance for an emergency response company. I even had my own business for a few years where I carried out all kinds of plumbing repairs, installations, leak detection and repair work – right through to complete bathroom refurbishments. I built up a good portfolio of jobs and I am very proud of what I achieved in a short period of time.

Approximately 18 – 24 months ago I started to experience a very severe mental breakdown. Working for myself, I began to put all levels of pressure and stress on myself. I am my own worst enemy in that sense. All I ever wanted to do was a good job which I would be happy to have in my own home.

So now I am on the road to recovery from my breakdown, and I am considering a career change. Something completely different and out of my comfort zone! I am feeling mentally stronger than ever before so ready for a new challenge. Not entirely sure what to do or where to begin. If anyone can give any advice or recommendations for someone seeking a career change then please do let me know.

I have two dogs who I like to go for walks with. Exercise has become a very important part of my recovery. I have a personal trainer twice a week, and I like to workout on my treadmill. I have just bought a hybrid bike so I can start adding cycling into my free time. I now enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle, in which I log a food diary and keep within a set calorie allowance every day. This alongside my exercise programme, is proving to be successful for me in my goal to get in shape. Having lost 3 stone over the last 6 months, I continue to work hard to achieve my next targets! I aim to get myself fit, and at a point where I am able to just “go for a run”.

I don’t have many hobbies as my mental health stopped me doing things I really enjoyed. I do however have a keen interest in photography and watches. I have enrolled myself onto an online photography course, just so I can try and teach myself something new and really start to explore one of my new interests. My love for wrist watches, has become a bit of an obsession over the last few years. I have managed to water down my collection to about 9 or 10 pieces now. I am sure I will add a few more in due course, but for now I am very happy with what I’ve got already. I would like to combine the photography with the watches soon, and hope to share some great photo’s on here at some point.

I have never done a blog before. I kept a diary of my emotions and feelings (over the last 18 months), which was advice given to me by my therapist. This blog is the first time I have ever tried to share my mental health journey before. I am not sure what will come of it, or how I will be perceived. In my mind, if I can share my experiences to someone whom it may later come to help, then that alone would be a great achievement for me. I know this kind of thing really helped me when I was recovering from my breakdown. To read about someone, who is going through something similar to you,  gives you an overwhelming sense of relief. Us men (and I’m sure women do to) like to bottle things up. We don’t like to show our emotions and feelings, as this gives off a strong sign of weakness – Or so the stigma goes anyway…

Anyway for now I will leave this here. Thank you for reading.