School days flashback this morning…

I woke up the other morning with the rain absolutely pounding down against my bedroom window. I had a flashback for a moment, to when I used to go to school (over 20+ years ago).

I remembered waking up on cold, dark mornings when it would be raining outside. Knowing I had that dreaded 3-4 mile walk to school. Knowing I’d have to sit around in wet clothes all day. Well until they dried out at least – which at times meant, i’d be walking home at the end of the day with damp clothes. I’d rarely get a lift to school in the mornings so had no alternative. Those were miserable days. People always says, “oh school days were the best days…” No they weren’t. They were the worst.

I hated going to school and I hated being at home. There was no happy medium for me. When I was at home I always went to my room the second I got in. I’d lock myself away from my family and the world. I didn’t want to be around people that often. Mainly because i was living in constant fear of something going wrong.

God I don’t miss those days at all! No idea why I had that memory but it triggered off all kinds of memories which I will try to write about in my blog.

I feel like I’m doing pretty crap at this blogging stuff at the moment. I won’t say “I will try to upload X amount per week”, because lets be honest it only leads to disappointment when it doesn’t happen, for whatever reason! Ha ha

Anyway, wishing you all a great Monday and thank you for readying  🙂

Sat in the conservatory, drinking a nice cup of coffee and wearing my fluffy slippers! LOL

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