How last week played out according to my Instagram account.

Last week I couldn’t find any motivation within me, to write a post for my blog. I’m sure I am not the only person to do so, and certainly won’t be the last. I will pass it off as “writers block”… Or whatever it’s called!! LOL

Anyway, in this time I still managed to post daily on my Instagram, so what I will do it copy and paste them onto here to act as an update!



Set a goal to lose another stone and a half before Christmas. 14-20lb is a realistic target according to my personal trainer. That would make me under 17stone and nearer to 16 and a half.
I weighed 21.7 stone in May so that would be a huge milestone.
It’s been really tough so far – not only physically, but mentally too. But I will continue to work hard and get where I want to be!



I had an early morning dilemma on Friday with 3 options to choose from:
1) treadmill workout
2) walk the dogs
3) go for a bike ride
In an ideal world I’d do all three, but I’m not living in that kind of ideal world…
I live in a world where any of the three activities listed , will be a huge achievement!
I’m fighting against my mind – what would you chose to do?

In the end I walked my dogs AND did a treadmill workout! Huge step forward in my recovery. I am setting myself goals and smashing them right now.


Saturday morning, I got up at 6:30am to do my treadmill workout. It was cold and pitch black outside still. But by doing this, it brightens up the darkness inside my mind… Well for another day at least! 😂

-I normally do approx 28-30 minutes total consisting of:
– x3 minute warm up
– x1 minute intervals of moderate pace / speed walking for 20- 22 minutes
– x3 minute cool down

Today I managed 37 minutes total consisting of:
-x3 minute warm up
– x1 minute intervals for 30 minutes – x3 minute cool down

Nothing worth singing and dancing about I hear you say?
Well it is for me.
It’s the best I’ve managed in years. When I weigh in next week I want to be under 18 stone or under. That will be 3 and a half stone loss since May 🙏♥️

Anyone got any tips for stiff / tense knees? I do stretches before and after – but at the moment my knees feel a bit stiffer than normal. Is it the cold weather? Am I getting old? 😂😂😂



I f***ing hate selfies, but here’s one of me feeling proud of myself for managing to walk my dogs this evening, as well as my treadmill workout this morning!
Believe it or not this is me feeling happy – Lacking a smile I know, but I don’t give a damn. This is as good as it gets at the moment. I’m still feeling proud all the same!




The kids been really cuddly the last few days. He’s never been one of them “cuddly” type dogs. The only times he snuggles into you is when he senses somethings wrong. If I have a busy brain or my mind is working overtime, he knows. Don’t ask me how – he just knows!

Personal training session at 8am. Didn’t train last week as my trainer was on holiday. I did miss it but glad I still managed to workout on my own. Haven’t even walked for the last couple of days so definitely in need of a good workout! I actually feel quite refreshed after chilling all day yesterday. Sometimes when I chill and do nothing, I get an overwhelming feeling of “wasting my life away”. I almost feel guilty for not doing at least something.

I will write for my blog today as haven’t done for the last week or so. Will try and upload at least twice a week going forward …(I’ll try anyway 😂)




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