Three key factors in my recovery from a severe Mental Breakdown


“Can I ride with you in ya BMW?..”

I was listening to some classic Oasis while sat in my car waiting to see my therapist this morning. I can remember walking around my estate doing my paper round while listening to Definitely Maybe when it first came out. Little did I know, over 20 years later i’d still be listening to the same albums and they would still sound just as great!
I actually look forward to seeing my therapist, every other week now.  I had got to a point where seeing her every week became a struggle – in a sense that I felt like I was scraping the barrel for something to say. Feel like I have more to talk about this way. She told me today its a good sign that I am making more and more progression every day.

I sit there sometimes in each session looking at her and thinking “you have the easiest job in the world – all you do is sit here and listen to me for an hour each time…”  Poor woman can barely get a word in edge ways!! LOL

I know there is so much more to her job than listening, so please don’t take me seriously when say that!!

The money I pay her is nothing. Her service is priceless . Talking to her for the last couple of years has proven to be worth it’s weight in gold. She played a vital role in saving my life. Literally!
It took me years to find the right therapist for me. I have seen several others in the past, but never made the right connection. You need to connect with, and trust the person sitting in the seat opposite to you. Most of the time all you want is for someone to just listen to you and not judge you in any way.
They say there are three key factors that contribute to you recovering / being able to maintain your mental illness:
1- medication
2- therapy
3- exercise

I couldn’t be without any of the three now but therapy was definitely the real game changer for me. The other two are just as important, but being able to offload your shit from time to time is the priority for me personally.

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