The Job Hunt (for an anxious man…)

It has been (very nearly) 2 years since I last worked. I have done a couple of little plumbing jobs in between but they were for people I already new, so there was zero pressure in that sense.

Having worked in the plumbing industry for 15+ years, I don’t really know how to do anything else. A bit like riding a bike really. Give me a set of kitchen taps to change and I will have them done, blindfolded within half an hour. Anything else is a bit daunting to say the least. Especially for a particularly anxious man!

I must admit I would love to make a career change. I fancy a new challenge, doing something completely different. Maybe even go to college or university and study again. But I just don’t know where to begin looking. Where do you go for advice? Am I too old to be even thinking along these lines?

I type into Google things like “career change ideas for 30 plus something “, or “career change for the nearly 40s” … the more I search, the older I get. I feel like I am lost in my mind. Ok I have learned how to cope with the negativity my busy head used to throw at me, non stop 24/7. Now I need to slow things down another notch, and remain calm about the situation. Before everything gets carried away again.

I should take great pride in having applied for a few jobs recently, and actually making it through to the interview stage! Especially this day and age. I mean lets be honest, you need to be nothing short of a brain surgeon, to even fill out the application forms. Some of these applications take me hours to complete! I remember when I could be fed up of a job one day, make a phone call and be started with another firm the following. The world has gone absolutely nuts – Not me!

All this aside, I made a huge call this morning. I chose to cancel a job interview I had scheduled for tomorrow. The thing is – I am VERY fortunate to not need to work at the moment due to drawing some equity from a property I sold about a year ago. It’s a huge thing for anyone coming back from hell again after so long. I went to the darkest corner of hell and it really wasn’t a nice fucking place to be. I felt trapped and didn’t think I’d ever make it back! I visited the devil himself, and lets be honest – the guy is a complete tosser! Well… it turned out I did escape in the end. I actually survived hell!  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do – But I did.
Anyway back to the job… It wasn’t a one to one interview. It’s a group of 8-10 people – an ALL DAY assessment! For a job that pays a little over minimum wage. Maybe it was me but it felt like it was going to be a competition for the job in question. I have gone with my gut feeling and chosen not to go. I’m going to keep focused on my weight loss/ personal training and getting myself even stronger mentally, so that these obstacles eventually become a piece of piss to take on.
I am still very much wanting a career change – I still have no idea what I want to do – I still have no idea how to do it…


I visited the devil himself, and lets be honest – the guy is a complete tosser!

Squale 1521 – with a Mesh Bracelet by WatchGecko


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