Not sure if I am supposed to “blog” like this but…

Not sure if I am supposed to “blog” like this – As if I was posting a tweet or something?!

You will see on my Instagram page that the majority or my posts feature my daily “wrist watch check” . I have a recently founded, love for watches. I have invested a fair bit of time and love (also money!!) into building up my collection. I’m constantly selling and buying new watches at the moment. I am not that “selfie” kinda guy, so therefore felt it was more appropriate to post a picture of my daily watch, instead of my face!

I’m also starting to rediscover my interest in photography, so hopefully over time I can combine my two passions into one, and start uploading some great pictures to share with you.

So there you go… Just incase you was wondering the reason behind all those pictures of watches!!

Here is my grail watch – The one watch that I always dreamed of owning. I feel very fortunate to have this in my collection, so early into my new found obsession!!

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Ref: 311.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch



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