Just to clarify …

A few months ago when I first set this blog up, I wanted to make it so I could remain anonymous. I don’t know why I didn’t pursue it back then. Maybe I wasn’t strong enough.  But with that said, I now think – Why should I remain anonymous? I have nothing to hide and certainly have nothing to be ashamed of, by sharing my experiences.
The only people i may upset or offend, are the people directly involved in causing my world to completely cave in and fall apart. Who made me feel like I had nothing left to give. Who made me feel like I was scum of the earth. Wether they like to admit it or not. But guess what? I don’t give two shakes of a dogs tail anymore!!!
You know who you are, if you ever read this. The chances are they won’t, because they are too wrapped up in there own perfect lives to even remotely care about mine.

But here’s the thing – I don’t need you in my life. Everything I have achieved or earned, is from my own hard work. I have been to hell and back on my own. When I needed you the most, you were not there for me. All I ever wanted was for you to love me and be proud of me. They will never admit they have done wrong, so I will just do what I have always done – Move on, in my own way.
That said, I’d love it if you could like and share my post (or whatever it is you do to share my page). I don’t really know how this all works. But even if it helped one or two people from just reading my experiences, then that would mean the absolute world to me.


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